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I’m in a new personal project that involves a collection of document-oriented information. So I’ve had studying a couple of NoSQL databases to choose the best one to store the documents.
The project I’m working has a schema like a discography – artist, album, track, etc.
MongoDB was my choose. Lets play with that! 😉

This is the link to the how to documentation to install Mongo on Ubuntu:


Oracle SQL Developer on Ubuntu


First of all you need to download Oracle SQL Developer here.

Now you got a file-name.rpm. You need to convert it to a file-name.deb.

You can do this using alien. If you hasn’t alien installed in your sistem, just:

$ sudo apt-get install alien

Now you can convert the file:

$ alien file-name-rpm

Once you have converted the file, you can install it:

$ sudo dpkg -i file-name.deb

Now, you can play with SQL Developer:

$ sqldeveloper