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A commum Angular error: “Module X is not available!”

This error often occurs when you declare a dependency on a module that Angular can’t locate it, whether by wrong module name or the module (JS file) not loaded.

Modulo “X” is not available!

These are the steps you must check if you got the error:

  1. Check if the file in which this module is define has been loaded (via <script src=”…”> for exemple);
  2. Check if the name of the module is declared correctly in: creation and dependencies files;

See also:$injector/nomod


How to disable JavaScript validation from Eclipse

Hi guys

Eventually I have had some errors in my Web project (Java) that isn’t compilation error from Java code, these errors are in some JavaScript files. It happens because Eclipse has a JavaScript validation feature that checks all “.js” files from the project.
That validation should be very useful in most of cases, but I do not write many JavaScript code often. But the main reason I decided to disable the validation was because the error I got was in the jQuery library (just in .min version), so if you got the same errors don’t worry, just follow the steps bellow to disable the validation.

1- Right click your project
2- Select “Properties > Builders”
3- Uncheck the “JavaScript Validations”

If you still got the errors just refresh the project press “F5”.

That’s all