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Oracle SQL Developer on Ubuntu


First of all you need to download Oracle SQL Developer here.

Now you got a file-name.rpm. You need to convert it to a file-name.deb.

You can do this using alien. If you hasn’t alien installed in your sistem, just:

$ sudo apt-get install alien

Now you can convert the file:

$ alien file-name-rpm

Once you have converted the file, you can install it:

$ sudo dpkg -i file-name.deb

Now, you can play with SQL Developer:

$ sqldeveloper 

Oracle DB Playing Tricks On Me

Earlier at work I spent one hour trying to understand why I was unable to insert some data in a table – Oracle Database.

More specifically I was trying to insert a number value (BigDecimal(100)) from a Java application, but I always got the follow error: “ORA-01438: value larger than specified precision allowed for this column”.

I thought “Ok, let’s check the column’s properties and confront that with the value I’m trying to insert…”

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